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The Neighborhood Sign

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I always wanted one of these Subway Signs… Thought they were pretty cool. But as much as  I searched for one with a familiar street, I never found one representing MY neighborhood. Now mind you, up until roughly two years ago, we had no Light Rail System in the neighborhood. But now we do! Soooo. I created one. At first I created the Sign for my own amusement, an homage to the neighborhood I grew up in… The original “Westside” of Los Angeles. I made my custom sign to fit my entryway. Something to hide the circa 1940’s doorbell chimes that greet you at the door. Viola! When I got the finished piece home, I proudly hung it in my entry.

Then my dear friend came by, saw it and had to have one too! So there you go! My sign is large sized to fit my custom space, hers is smaller and complements her family Café Style kitchen… Where will you hang yours?

Now I can also do custom signs that reflect your neighborhood too! Contact me! They make a cool graphic statement and shows pride for your neighborhood.                                             

They also make great gifts too!