Gail Oliver Design


Curiosity about the unknown has no boundaries.
Symbols, images, place and cultures merge, time slips away.
The stars, the cards, the mystic vigil may hold the answers.
By shifting the point of view an inner spirit is released.
Free to create.

Betye Saar

After working as a graphic designer for years, I am grateful to be actualizing my dream! Creating groovy stuff to share…

My art has never followed a particular theme or plan…  I just create stuff and record things of beauty. As long as I can remember, I've been inspired by most everything seen, with things found in nature being my favorite.

My love of all things creative began in my early childhood, and was nurtured by both of my parents who were creative in their own rite. Instead of buying the Barbie coloring books (that every little girl craved), they would buy a pad of paper, crayons, paint, and pens then tell me to “have at it” leaving me to create my own fantasies.


My curiosity of photography started in 1976, and ever since, I am rarely ever seen without my camera hanging from my neck. I guess I have always taken pictures in my mind, but through abstract landscape photography I am able use my camera to record the exquisite colors, patterns and shapes of the beauty I see.

Whether I am practicing my craft with old school techniques, or using digital media… I tell stories regardless of the medium, be it photography, paintings, graphic prints, home and business décor, wearable art (or anything else I can come up with)  becomes an expression of what I have seen and experienced…

So stay tuned, I’m just getting started!
I make it up as I go!