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In this age of short attention spans, making a lasting first impression is paramount for your business.
• Your Brand… Is what distinguishes you from the others.
• Your Brand's visual content is the overall look that attracts customers to your product.
• Your Brand's product photography is a vital tool to visually communicate your unique products to the World….  Whether it be for a Web presence or for Print.

Photography Services... See Gallery's in the Menu

Products Photography... Art • Hand Made Crafts • Home Decor and Household Items Accessories • Electronics • Personal Care Products • Graphic Design Marketing Materials 

People & Streets... Head Shots • Grip n Grins •Lifestyle •Family

Events... Public Events • Municipalities • Private • For Marketing Materials

Real Estate & Architectural Photography... Real Estate & Architectural Photography • Marketing Materials 

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$75 For 1 Look, 1 Light Retouching & Color Correction, 1 Digital File. $20 per additional retouching.

$150 For 2 Looks, 2 Light Retouching & Color Correction, 2 Digital File. $20 per additional retouching.

$200 For 3 Looks, 3 Light Retouching & Color Correction, 3 Digital File. $20 per additional retouching.

$300 For 4 Looks, 4 Light Retouching & Color Correction, 4 Digital File. $20 per additional retouching.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit Due When Scheduling an Appointment

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It was pleasure meeting you and I really enjoyed walking the property with you. These pictures are amazing and I’m really excited to use them to update our website! The weather was just right and they turned out great.
— Adis Yanikian, Malibu Country Inn
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